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Google Font Manager for WordPress


20 Dec Google Font Manager for WordPress

Introducing the new Google Font Manager plugin for WordPress. We are excited to make our official debut to the WordPress plugin repository! Granted, there are several existing plugins for adding and using Google fonts. As we have stated many times before, we don’t like to “reinvent the wheel”, a conviction we still maintain. But there comes a time in every development cycle that you need something special.

Recently, we were working on a project (a highly proprietary plugin) and it needed some font integration. So, we scoured the web looking for a Google fonts plugin that was suitable to our purpose. Although we found a few that came close, and some that had really neat features, the perfect solution eluded us. Not to be left wanting, we created our own.

Google Font Manager - Screenshot

At ButlerConsulting.com we try to make every effort a multipurpose one. So, instead of just cranking out a plugin and using it for our current project, we decided to make the whole affair into a training lesson. We have written many WordPress plugins in the past. Until now, they have been strictly for internal use or deployed within client projects.

Having never released an official plugin to the WordPress repository, we have skirted the scrutiny that peer review and public exposure provides. With the release of this plugin, we are inviting the world to review and critique our work. We hope that the discussions, reviews and comments that follow will help to refine our techniques and evolve our best practices.

In the coming months we will be releasing many more plugins. The Google Font Manager was developed, in part, to provide a road map for future development.

Writing a plugin or a theme is super easy (thank you WordPress!) Doing all the steps necessary to publicly publish, document and support a plugin is quite another matter. To be done correctly this takes careful, deliberate and sometimes tedious planning and attention to detail. As we found with the release of the Google Font Manager plugin, there is much to do that goes beyond just writing a kick-ass plugin!

A ragingly cool plugin is a great starting point! But you also need a perfectly formatted readme.txt file, screenshots, an FAQ, plugin homepage and proper documentation on how to use your plugin. Other considerations include internationalization (setting up for translations) and making your plugin responsive for the new WP Admin (as of version 3.8). Not to mention passing the review process. Then you have to create, upload and managing the files in the subversion repository.

We don’t want to bore you with all of the technical details (there’s a blog for that). Our purpose here is to explain why we made this plugin and its significance moving forward for us and our clients. In the coming months we will be releasing many more plugins. The Google Font Manager was developed, in part, to provide a road map for future development.

From its cutting-edge UI/UX to our proficient use of jQuery, CSS and PHP, the Google Font Manager truly showcases what we do here.

As we boldly move forward into 2014, a new generation of plugins and themes play a big role. Evolving, as we are, into a full fledged digital media agency (wink, wink, for those in the know), it is vital that we maintain quality control throughout rapid development cycles. To that end, the Google Font Manager plugin is being used to define our process and the quality of output we expect from new team members.

As a training tool, this plugin represents all of our best practices in action. From its cutting-edge UI/UX to our proficient use of jQuery, CSS and PHP, the Google Font Manager truly showcases what we do here. By following this up with full documentation, support and plugin promotion, we amply demonstrate our in-house capabilities to anyone who wants to kick the tires or take a look under the hood.

We hope that you give the free Google Font Manager plugin a whirl in your next WordPress project and we would appreciate any feedback, good or bad.

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At ButlerConsulting.com we work with you and your staff to help you find the right solutions to fit your projects while establishing the daily disciplines and Internet habits it takes to succeed and thrive online. Meet with us once and you’ll know all the right questions to ask our competition. Meet with us a second time and you’ll never look elsewhere for your web solutions.

Thomas Butler

Thomas S. Butler is the founder of ButlerConsulting.com as a seasoned web developer, he is focused on getting the job done. With a veracious appetite for learning new things and keeping up with the pace of technology, he is amply suited to take on your project.

  • wollepelz
    Posted at 07:32h, 28 January


    sorry, can’t use your plugin. I’m not able to get a google apikey. I don’t know where to add an application there and so on.

    And I also do not really like to be registeredd at google.

  • wollepelz
    Posted at 07:46h, 28 January

    I’m very sorry! I’m very, very, very sorry!

    I didn’t see that yuo’ve got a detailed descriiption how to get that key on the plugin page at wordpress. With that description I now have a key.

    I’m sorry for wasting yout time. 😉

    • Thomas Butler
      Posted at 16:35h, 02 February

      No problem at all, glad to hear you got it working! Don’t forget to rate and review it

  • AMelie
    Posted at 20:58h, 19 February

    I just followed exactly all the instructions to get my API key. Until here everything went well. But nothing happens when I hit the update configuration. I tried with google chrome and firefox. Thanks for helping me out.

  • eric
    Posted at 12:13h, 25 April

    There are some problems with new wordpress 3.9 and the plug-in google Font Manager.
    The plug-in blocks the new images managment of 3.9 wordpress. I removed it the plug-in and it goes.

  • Thomas Butler
    Posted at 16:09h, 25 April

    Yes. There are some issues. Apparently, WordPress 3.9 upgraded to TinyMCE 4.0 and everything is hosed within the visual editor. Here’s a support thread you can read concerning this: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/google-font-manager?replies=5#post-5503076

    I will hunt this bug next week and let you know. In the meantime, just turn off the “Visual Editor” option in the setting and the rest of it will work just fine.

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